Day 2 in Africa: Part 1. Fantastic day! We collected “Jackson” our Project Red dog and his handler from Paramount Specialised K9 Solutions and we travelled to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary. We were greeted by the owners and staff at Care For Wild and shown round their facility. They highlighted where our K9 unit would add real value protecting these marvellous animals. With over 40,000 acres to protect and re-release these rhino back into the wild, it is critical we have the dogs and anti poaching units to keep them safe. All the Rhino here have come in as orphans and are hand reared, sometimes as young as a few weeks old!!!! Often with phycological issues or life threatening injuries, the patience and determination of the staff is an inspiration to us all. After years of nurturing and an intense programme aimed at release it was a pleasure to see a group in the wild, safe and secure and where they should be…back in the wild. #timeforaction CFW 2 CFW 1 release