The incredible harsh terrain makes supporting, patrolling and protecting these animals very difficult, with over 25 thousand sq km to cover its a monumental task! As we walk on patrol it’s sad to hear the lion population recently fell to as low as 30! Now numbers are back up to around 150! Whilst elephant numbers seem to have stabilised at circa 400 ( there ivory is poor quality due to the conditions so they are not normally a direct target but will still be poached as an opportunist kill!) Poaching and killing the Rhino sadly is still a major issue!! The poachers here are sophisticated and organised. The APU (anti poaching units) are fighting a military battle style operation! The huge poaching issues in South Africa has in recent years spread and exploded in Namibia, numbers of poached Black Rhinos has dramatically increased every year in this area from 2012-2014! Thankfully the response by the Government to support the units with armed police and special forces plus the dedication, reorganisation and re training of the Rangers has seen a welcome reduction in 2015 and in Namibia as a whole. It’s a much needed reduction but in this harsh terrain the birth rate is very low! Somewhere between 2-4%! We can not afford to be loosing these magnificent Rhino, and a continuation of this level of poaching will ultimately see the extinction of this sub species of Black Rhino. Time for action!!                                                                                                                     .        11 15 12 13 14