Day 2 Morning We took some time out this morning to visit a few other local charities and initiatives. In particular we met with an amazing Kenyan lady Fern who has dedicated her life to running a school for Autistic and disabled children! She had Malaria and was very ill but still full of determination to look after her children who need around the clock attention. Teaching these children through constructive fun and games with ample heaping’s of love and kindness, it was a delight to spend time with her and the children. She has paired up with a local riding centre in Nairobi and every week has a day with the children in the horses, the riding forms part of the educational process and the sheer delight is obvious! It has also accelerated the learning for these children and they have progressed immensely since inception of the initiative!! We left bag full of children’s clothes for her, kindly donated by many, and with a promise to come back and do more next time!! Inspiring the work and good someone can do with little more than dogmatic determination! A lesson to us all xx