Got up later this morning about 6.30 and didn’t leave till gone 8.40.¬†Walked 20km till we stopped for lunch!! And yaaaay 3G!! Mad because nearest village was a 2hour drive away!! Not complaining!¬†We had a long lunch so we could post and hopefully drum up support for our 500km walk against poaching! Amazing to sign on and see nearly 5k followers on my helpseeingred facebook page!! And so many generous donations! Best though is the hundreds of supportive comments! You have no idea how much that means! This is tough out here, very tough, 10-12 hours on the trail each day, 35 degrees heat at mid day, no days to recover, and 500km over rough terrain! So messages of support really really help! We ran into hippos today, biggest killer in Africa I believe and cheetah and leopard, so amazing to see these animals on foot! But they need proper respect! We all missed an elephant (hard to believe I know!) that was less than 100m away! He clearly let us know he was not happy! Got into camp gone 7 and it was dark so no time to sort my gear, but food and a foot bath definitely higher on the agenda!! Off to bed now. 6.30 start for our 40km tomorrow (as the crow flies so be a bit longer). Thanks again to everyone for all your support xx c e d