Day 2 – Heavy winds in the night, blew my tent down at 1am….and….3 am….and….4 am!! Gave up and got up!! We were on our way by 6.30 am,  so good early start for the 40 km ahead of us. Winds died down by 9 am and super hot…31 degrees by 11 am!! Saw a cool group of about 14 elephants with 3/4 young, all backed into one tree, 360 degrees around it! Not sure if they were taking shade or protecting the young? Charged by a buffalo, very scary!! Constant reminders of the constant danger around us!! Unfortunately more signs of poaching!! Found another snare, this one was sadly for elephants!!  Took a while to find our camp in the thick bush at the end of the walk, not what you want when your toes are revolting against your boots!! Very very hot and tired with 420 km still to go!! Still smiling though, been talking about how great it’s been to get so many people wishing us well!! Looking forward to posting in a few days when we believe we may pick up wifi from a nearby lodge….let’s see!! Thanks to all who have donated and sent us well wishes, it means so so much.
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