Day 1. {Post 1of4} A day of meeting incredible people A day of incredibly useful meetings!! I have met with 3 individuals, Annie Michael and Ofir, more of them later in separate individual posts! In short they have an enormous wealth of experience and dedication to Africa, the environment and animal welfare that I can only aspire to! Not only their dedication to wildlife and conservation but their often-dangerous pursuit of dealing with corruption! Bringing those to justice who illegally strip the world and Africa in their selfish greedy pursuit of individual wealth. An issue that I cannot do justice to within the confines of this post, nor am I qualified to do so. However, spending a day with these 3 has firmed my already solid resolve, to ensure Project Red has a clear criteria to help protect endangered animals. I also want to ensure it is accountable, has a measurable sustainable product (i.e. results), ensures animal/human conflict caused by encroachment is dealt with in the local communities through education, communication, synergies of mutual benefit and compensation. Easier said than done! But that’s my commitment. Each of the people I have met today deserves their own post, which I will publish following this.
I appreciate these posts are long and I apologise to the few that take the time to read them fully. I guess for me, not only do they hopefully raise awareness, but they also act as a transparent diary of my thoughts, goals, progress and results for Project Red. A transparency I feel is sadly missing with many charities. In my experience, previous charities very quickly become impotent, they become a slave to their own costs, needing to raise funds just to produce a glossy attractive exterior to present to the public. The public swallow this glossy ideal and donate their hard earned time and money, unknowingly just funding the charity machine, and very little of the donation gets through to the cause which initially pricked their conscience. I want all who care to know every detail of what we do, where the money goes, the results linked to this investment, and the successes to ensure we don’t loose heart and continue to invest. Also, the mistakes so we can learn from them. In short, it’s critical I hold others accountable for delivering measurable results, but it’s also important I am held accountable, hence the transparent detail of my posts. I want to offer my sincerest thanks to all those that are helping or indeed just taking the time to read these posts! Time for Action