Day 1… We woke at 5am, patchy sleep, heard lions in the night from a distance! Breakfast at 6, as the light was rising. It was a late set off as we had to sort out our gear for the first day of walking, 38km today! Amazing an hour before we set off we see a black rhino!!! So cool less than 100 left in the Serengeti and we see one first thing!! Hopefully that’s a great omen for our walk. We see much on route; ┬ájackals, elephants, giraffes, hyenas, mongoose, wart hogs, to name a few. We also come across a huge elephant skull with its tusks! This one died of old age so no worries there! We call it into the Rangers so they can remove the tusks to prevent them falling into the wrong hands! After about 20km we have a 25min stop for a quick bite to eat and off we go again! Within 2km we come across a herd of elephants with a few large Bulls. They are clearly unhappy with our presence so we push on without stopping. We found signs of poaching on the route, 2 metal snares, and its only Day 1, very sad. ┬áThat said we are being followed by huge herds of zebra, wilder beast, buffalo etc, amazing scenery. Another 10km in we come across a large pride of 12 lions and their cubs chilling in the shade, they heard us coming and stood up otherwise we would have literally been on them! Still they were only 80m away! They watched us for a while before walking on, luckily in the opposite direction!! Few hours later we merge into camp, Feet sore! Knees sore! Ankles sore!! And only Day 1 but I have a huge smile! Soaking feet for an hour while I write my diary notes for posting later as no wifi again!

Day -1 (2)