Paul and Lisa’s last visit to Africa was in March this year, their trip saw them visit Kenya, Namibia and South Africa. Their aim over the 3-4 weeks was to identify projects that Project Red can support. Projects that will make a difference in our goal of helping protect endangered animals. Projects that we can fund raise for but also get regular feedback as to where the money is going and the impact of that investment.

Sourcing 2016 Projects

In Kenya, South Africa, and Namibia they met many experts in conservation, animal welfare and the environment as well as dedicated Rangers and people who work in the field against poachers, putting their lives at risk on a daily basis. They spent time with the anti-poaching units tracking poachers, living in the field, in some of the most extreme and dangerous locations in Africa. The  experience whilst dangerous provided invaluable insight into the issues and how Project Red can support right at the heart of the fight to save these animals.                                                                                                                              .

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