Day 3. We woke late at 7am, breakfast and set off around 8.40am. Long walk today around 48km, very hot, 30km in early heavy rains! Very tough going! 15 km before our camp tonight we came across snares! We found more and more, 47 final count! Designed to catch and kill zebra, buffalo and other large antelope, unfortunately they are indiscriminate and catch rhino and elephant as well, often they will lose their feet or die from infection from the metal snares! We spent 2 hours removing them! The signs of a recent kill that has been removed confirms the poachers are near by, the armed ranger says they are probably watching us and all 3 guards have their rifles locked and loaded! We arrive at camp very late after 7pm in the dark, very wet tired and cold, not to mention somber from the scale and horror of so many cruel traps.

Day 3 Ctd…. Went to bed late as chatting re the poaching we seen yesterday, wonder how many elephants, rhinos etc die every day week, month, year, because of these snares!! Thinking of ways to help. It is clear all the rangers are super dedicated and knowledgeable as to the issues but they lack basic equipment in the fight to save these animals. Sad. Went to sleep with the sound of lions nearby calling to each other! Feet are very sore, lost 2 toe nails so far, with 2 on the way! Terrain is tough but shorter walk tom about 34km so all good.

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